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A Pink 5th Mini Album (Pink Luv) Rolling Music Teaser


Pink Pandas!!!!Get ready for the song list and preview of the songs in the 5th Mini Album of A Pink, Pink Luv ! This video teaser was released during November 13 and the video includes the names of the songs and a little snippets of the songs along with photos of A Pink. They originally planned to release the album on the 17th of November, however due to technical difficulties it is postponed to November 24th. They will perform their first stage on the 21st of November.  The songs in general are rather calm and brings in the love ballad mood that certainly represents A Pink. I believe that this album would be a great array of songs to add to your upcoming Christmas playlist for the chilly winter and hopefully be able to add some warm to the chilly weather. This album fits pretty nice with Love Story (사랑동화) from the previous album, Pink Blossom. The album also includes ‘Good Morning Baby’ to celebrate the 1000 day of debut and ‘My Darling’ by Bomi and Namjoo’s project with the Brave Brothers. The lyrics of the song ‘Wanna Be’ is written by Cho Rong, which is the fourth song that she has written. (The previous songs that she wrote includes: April 19, Love Story and So Long.  I personally cannot wait for the release of the album. How about you guys? Which A Pink songs do these new ones resemble?  Please leave your thoughts down at the comments section down below !!

The Song List

1. LUV

2. Wanna Be (lyrics by Park Cho Rong)


4.I’m not an Angel (천사가 아냐)

5.Love like a fairytale (동화 같은 사랑)

6.Luv (Instrumentals)

7. Good Morning Baby

8. My Darling- BnN

(Source: Youtube)

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