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HISUHYUN- ‘I’m Different (나는 달라) ft.BOBBY M/V Released

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YG Entertainment has finally released long anticipated music video of their No.1 song , I’m Different-HISUHYUN. In the music video, Lee Hi and Lee Soo Hyun are trying to get hod of Bobby’s (iKon) heart. However in they end up realising that he already has girl friend. The music video is really fun to watch as you observe how much silly acts the two girls are doing in order to get a boy. Bobby fans must be jealous of the girls in the music video, but don’t worry Bobby fans, he will debut soon as a member of iKon in 2015. HISUHYUN has really been rocking the music industry lately with just one song. What do you think about the music video? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below !

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