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Lee Kwang Soo confirmed as Male Lead of upcoming movie, Mutant (돌연변이 )


Running Man’s maknae, Lee Kwang Soo has confirmed as the male lead of the upcoming movie, Mutant (돌연변이). The Giraffe is going to play a man who is going to turn into a fish (sigh… he can never escape being an animal). He is going to star as Park Bo Young’s boyfriend who turned into a fish. Park Bo Young acted in Wolf Boy as the partner of Song Jong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo’s RM buddy, what a coincidence. Even more mind-blowing is the fact that both Lee Kwang Soo and Song Jong Ki, were part human , part animal. In the movie, Lee Chun Hee is a wanna-be reporter who goes after the strange internet story of a girl’s boyfriend transforming into a fish. Park Bo Young is the girl who writes about the article, hence she is calle the ‘Fish-Girl’. Fans, hold your laughter in, this is not a comedic movie though Lee Kwang Soo becoming a fish is defiantly a laugh bomb. The movie is going to come out during the course of 2015, so fans get ready for some Lee Kwang Soo awesomeness.

Han Cinema quotes that ; “Lee Gwang-soo also has been acknowledged for his talent and his collaboration with writer and director Kwon Oh-kang is highly anticipated”.

What do you think about Lee Kwang Soo taking up the part as the Male Lead of the movie ? Please leave your thoughts and feeling in the comments section below!

(Source: Soompi, Han Cinema)

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