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EXO gets everyone up with their comeback album, EXODUS !



EXO just released their comeback album EXODUS and it does not disappoint fans! The album includes 10 Tracks and 1 Digital Album! It is the group’s second album since their debut and the first full length studio album with 10 members ! Despite the departure of Luhan and Kris, the group is still strong and undoubtedly  still lives up to their standards of extremely upbeat powerful tracks!  The album comes in two versions, one Korean and One Chinese!  Be sure to check out our Full Album Review of EXODUS, which will come out soon! Stay Tuned for more EXO comeback news and this season’s Comeback followups!!!

Tracklist :

1. Call Me Baby

2. Transformer

3. What If.. (시선 둘, 시선 하나 )

4. My Answer


6. El Dorado

7. Playboy

8. Hurt

9. Lady Luck (Meteor Rain) (유성우 流星雨)

10. Beautiful


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