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First Look : Dr.Ian (이안) Episode 1-5 !


Dr.Ian (이안) Ep 1-5 is finally out ! Dr.Ian is a web-drama presented by Naver and the cast includes 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang! In Dr.Ian, Kim Young Kwang (김영광) is a famous psychiatrist called Mo Ian (모이안) and Sandara Park (박산다라) is a intern at an entertainment company called Lee So Dam (이소담).

The first five episodes of the web-drama are used to setup the love-line of Ian and So Dam as well as give us an insight to their background.. Ian was a director at a hospital,however he was kicked out of the hospital and got his license suspended because he was framed for leaking out a famous actress’s medical information by Reporter Jung Tae Soo (정대수) [Kim Ho Chang (김호창)] and Actress Jang Jae Hee (장재희) [ Jung Ji Yoon (정지윤)]. The Reporter is coincidentally also Lee So Dam’s boyfriend. Lee So Dam is an intern at an entertainment company that apparently has acceded to mascot costumes of Naver’s Line’s Brown and Cony. Lee So Dam later broke up with Jung Tae Soo because he cheated on her (why would you do that do such a cute girl ?????). Long story short, Ian took interest in such a kind hearted girl and started doing all cliche Korean drama male lead stunts such as lending her a jacket, protecting her from embarrassment, giving her deep meaningful talks (DMC) and helped her overcome her breakup!

Dr.Ian at first might seem boring , however as the love line was set up, the urge to keep watching started! Overall Dr.Ian is a great drama so far and I can’t wait to see more from Sandara Park’s debut drama! Be sure to stay tuned for episode overviews of Dr.Ian!

Photos :

OMG ! Dr Ian and Lee So Dam together !!!!!
OMG ! Dr Ian and Lee So Dam together !!!!!
Poor Sandara is getting scolded
Poor Sandara is getting scolded

Watch Dr Ian ! : Naver TV Cast Dr. Ian 


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