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FTIsland wins April 3rd’s “Music Bank”!


FT Island grabbed their first #1 trophy for their song “Ice Cream Cake” on the March 26th episode of  “Music Bank”!

The nominees for today’s episode were FT Island and Red Velvet However it was FT Island who grabbed the #1 trophy. Congratulations!

On this episode miss A returned with “Only You”, EXO made a comeback with “Call Me Baby” while Mamamoo and Esna sang AHH OOP!

Other performers of the night were K.WillCLC, Huh Gak, NS Yoon-G, N-SONIC, Untouchable, NC.A, Crayon Pop, LABOUM, Minah, Baek Ji Young & Song Yoo Bin, A-ble, and FIESTAR.

After the win members uploaded their selca with the trophy and Lee Hong-gi commented: “ah !!!!!!!!!! really super super happy it is crazy! winning feel so good … thank you …  for our fans to believe in us … and FNC … Thank you for the album … ah really happy !!! ”

Congratulations to FTIsland again! In addition, their first “19-ban” IDOL reality show ──SBS MTV “Coming Out! FTIsland”, will be broadcast on April 7! Make sure to catch the premiere and stay tuned.

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