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Infinite’s Sung Kyu solves misunderstanding between him and CN Blue’s Jong Hyun

Infinite’s leader Sung Kyu has recently attened a press conference for a new variety show ‘Bounce Indo’ produced by KBS. During the press conference he revealed how he has resolved the concerns he has had on CN Blue’s Jong Hyun.

Turns out Sung Kyu previously had concerns over CN Blue’s Jong Hyun, because Jong Hyun had spoken to him informally before. He assumed that Jong Hyun did not know that he was born a year before him, however he also mentioned that as an idol, knowing his age is relatively easy as all his information could be easily found on the internet. Sung Kyu also added that even though Jong Hyun is his sunbae, he didn’t feel that good being talked to informally by a dongsaeng. 

However the misunderstanding was solved during the recent vacation. As they travelled together he got to know more about Jong Hyun and found out that the reason Jong Hyun addressed him informally back then was because Jong Hyun wanted to get closer to himself. Sung Kyu also added that he feels that Jong Hyun’s acts were really manly and broadminded!

Recently, informal attitudes between idols and actors have caused many problems. For example, Yewon and Lee Tae Im’s recent dispute. People have been criticising them both because of informal speech and cursing, but let’s be honest here, who doesn’t curse or speak informally once in a while. If the main characters of the video footage were not celebrities but normal people, would this issue still be such big of a deal and will there even be such heavy criticisms? This is definitely a food of thought for people to think about. Thanks to this, we also see loyal fans trying all their best to protect their beloved actresses, again showing how much K-Pop/ K-Drama fans love their idols.


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