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YG will release Katie Kim’s debut song ASAP

Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG entertainment told Star News that he will try to release K Pop Star 4 winner, now a member of YG Family, Katie Kim’s debut song as soon as possible.

Having seen Lee Hi and AKMU getting their debut song released a few months after they joined the company after the first K Pop Star contest, Yang Hyun Suk will do the same for Katie. Howevs her, he says that before the album is released, he will have to make sure to make Katie Kim more healthy,beautiful and help her straighten her vocals first. Yang Hyun Suk also promises to try his best to help perfect Katie and her song before the debut.

Katie Kim won K Pop Star 4 on April 12th and has decided to join YG Entertainment because she says that Yang Hyun Suk, also a judge on the show, has helped her surveyed round and rounds of the competitions by picking her and seeing her talent and how without him, she wouldn’t have won’t he competition.

Fans are also speculating that Katie Kim might group up with Lee Hi to form a duo as they have seen how impressed Yang Hyun Suk was by the performance of Mama Do they did together on the show. Either way, solo or duo, fans are more than excited to see Katie’s debut and listen to her song.

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