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CLC releases their original debut song ‘Eighteen’

A Cube’s rookie girl group CLC releases a follow up single to their first EP ‘First Love’ with original debut song ‘Eighteen’. The name ‘Eighteen’ is the average age of the group as of now and also is the age when  new life starts. The song was replaced by their hit song ‘PePe’ and even though ‘Eighteen’ is a well made song, ‘PePe’ is definitely more catchy and powerful compared to ‘Eighteen’.  The group will perform his song on stage on April 17’s KBS’ Music Bank.

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  1. I was convinced ‘Pepe’ was their debut track… Anyway it sounds great 😉

    • Yep!Even though ‘Eighteen’ is a great song, ‘PePe’ is definitely a song that is able to show off CLC’s dance skills and youthful energy. I am glad that they picked ‘PePe’ as their debut song instead of ‘Eighteen’ !

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