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First look of personalities and relationships of characters in Producer’s first teaser

Producer Teaser 1

The first teaser of the new star-studded drama,Producer was just released.In the teaser we see the main character entering a bus with their own style. The stop button is replaced by ‘On Air’ and first to enter in Cha Tae Hyun, he jumped on the bus with his card ready and enters showing off his played back fashion and personality. Then cooly enters is Gong Hyo Jin with her wallet in her back pocket, she pats the card reader with her her backside, definitely showing that she has a fun strong character! Next up is Do Min Jun, Kim Soo Hyun, wait he has a nerdy haircut and seems to appear really shy…Last but not least is IU as Cindy, the top Korean singer in the show with pink shades and outfit, however, unlike her usual self, she seems to be really cool and is doesn’t seem as approcachble.. We also get to see their relationships in between the entrance and it seems like a 4 way relationship. Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin sits next to each other and seems to be a couple. Kim Soo Hyun then replaces Cha Tae Hyun leaving IU and Cha Tae Hyun staring at them in jealousy (wow…). In the end Kim Soo Hyun helps IU down he bus (what a gentleman), hinting they could be a couple. What do you think about the teaser? What do you think it suggests? Feel free to comment in the section below!

Producer will be on air starting from May 8th 9:15 PM (KST) and will air on Fridays and Saturdays on the same time.

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