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A Pink releases BTS footage of ‘Promise U’

A Pink carries on there 4th Debut Anniversary celebration by releasing Behind The Scenes footage of their M/V ‘Promise U’!  During the BZTS video, we can see A Pink in the studio practicing the song and having fun !

Eunji composed this song herself and she says that she is happy to finally be able to commit to the promise she made with fans during the early stages of her debut (in A Pink News) during the interview with Naver Star Casr. Turns out the first part of the song and M/V is to represent her sad feelings when she leaves home, Busan, on the train, leaving her parents behind in a twinkle. The title of the song in Korean means ‘Pinky Finger’ however the song is called ‘Promise U’ in English because when people think about their pinky finger they would relate to the most heartfelt promise they make, a pinky promise. She also says that she would try her best to write more songs and become a better singer!

Naeun says that fans love ‘Good Morning Baby’, a song released for their 1000th day since debut, and she hopes that they will love this song composed by Eunji too.

Namjoo hopes that fans will love this song and also revealed that they would be taking a break before their next comeback!

Boni talks about how Eunji and everyone  has worked very hard to perfect the song and she thinks that the song is perfect to listen to in spring!

We wish A Pink all the best and we can’t wait to see their next comeback album!

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BTS Footage


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Eunji composing ‘Promise U’





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