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BIGBANG release their music video for ‘Sober’!

BIGBANG is back again with another track, ‘Sober’! In ‘Sober’ the style of the music video is very psychedelic with its bright and vibrant and looks similar to Inception with scenes of the members in a room where they are walking on the walls and ceilings of the room. The video has several elements to it which add to the ‘psychedelic’ feel, G-Dragon is seen in a field of bed jumping around, Taeyang is in a blue taxi with bright and colourful furry lining on the insides, TOP is in a field with his car and the hood is filled with flowers of all different kinds, Seungri is seen running through the misty forest and Daesung is playing the drums in the middle of a vast forest! The colourful theme was also correlated with the members’ clothes with bright vibrant colourful prints and textures. The song is very different to their last song ‘Bang Bang Bang’ with a softer and more pop-like tune.

Check out the music video below!:

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