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Director cancels 2PM for BIGBANG?

BIGBANG have just released their new single album ‘[D]’ and their brand music video for ‘Sober’, the issue of 2PM’s filming cancellation have become relevant once again as the director was discovered to be Han Sa Min who directed the music video.

According to reports, Han Sa Min was contacted by JYP Entertainment to direct 2PM’s comeback, however the director canceled the shoot four days before the actual date and only said that ‘due to a personal relationship with an artist making a release at the same time, I cannot shoot their music video.’

It is being speculated that the artist the director was talking about BIGBANG as he directed the music video for ‘Sober’ which is stated on their official website and Vimeo page. Since the issue has been resurfaced, 2PM have postponed their promotional activities after getting help from a different director whilst JYP Entertainment are seeking legal actions against the production company.



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  1. JYP entertainment , please do what you supppose to do … please sue the fellow Han Sa Min… i believe if one had contact or promise one should fulfilled it before anything else.

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