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Okasian calls dok2 a “fuckboy” over comments about It G Ma

Dok2‘s got members of The Cohort boiling with anger because of a comment he made on the track “It G Ma” in an interview.

During an interview with founders of Illionaire Records, Dok2 and The Quiett sat down with Complex to talk about what it means to be part of Illionaire.

In the interview, Dok2 was asked about his opinion on the viral sensation, Keith Ape‘s “It G Ma”. The track also features members of The Cohort including JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian, and Kohh. The Cohort is a rap group which combines Japanese, Korean, and English together into one song, creating a unique music style. The crew also goes by the nickname, “underwater squad”.

Dok2 states in the interview, “It’s not a hit yet if it ain’t making at least $100,000. If it’s popping, you got to get rich off that shit.” which immediately angered the underwater squad upon hearing the comment.

Instantly, The Cohort members went on their social media, showing disapproval for Dok2’s statement. They stated that the goal of the track was not to earn money, but was in fact, given free for fans to enjoy. Not only were the members offended, but The Cohort’s agency, Hi-Lite Records also posted the exact same lines, stirring disagreement.


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