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[Album Review] Apink- Pink Memory


1. Remember

2. Perfume

3. 끌려 (Attractive)

4. Dejavu

5. 꽃잎점 (Petal of flower)

6. What A Boy Wants

7. I DO

8. 신기하죠 (Fascinating)

9. Remember Inst

10. 새끼손가락 (Promise U)

The album comes in two different versions, “Red” and “White”and consists of one random random type of photocard out of the 14 different types!

The first track also known as the title track “Remember” is composed, produced and arranged by Sinsadong Tiger. Shinsadong Tiger does not disappoint fans with this refreshing track. The track starts with a lullaby ballad verse and enters a extremely cheerful dance track using sounds of pan flutes! This mix of A Pink’s signature ballad songs and dance songs gives Remember a lot of resemblance to their old songs, making us ‘Remember’! 

Next song is named Perfume, it is written, composed and arranged by G High’s Kim Yoo Seok. The song itself starts really powerfully and is really jazzy! Perfume itself gives us a really cute side of A Pink’s vocals with a tint of maturing vibes as if the song itself gave A Pink some perfume transforming them into grown up ladies!

Attractive is written composed and arranged by MARCO. This track brings you into another emotional ride with the slower beats and calmer tunes. This song does help show off A Pink’s attractive vocals. This calm song contrast the last two song, however it is not fully tuned down to the point that we are too calm giving us anticipation for the next track.

Dejavu is written by leader Park Cho Rong, while the track is composed and arranged by Choi Young Chan. Dejavu is another song written by leader Chorong with her soothing style fused in it. The song its  really comfortable to listen to and is definitely relaxing like the previous songs such as So Long and Love Story (Fairytale Love). This song reflects the emotional personality of Chorong with a river full of feels! 

Petal of Flower is a song written, composed and arranged by Beomi Nangi. This song steps up from the last song with a more upbeat mood. However the vocals are really soothing and cheerful, leaving smiles on any listeners’ face with its beautiful lyrics!

What A Boy Wants is written by member Oh Ha Young, while the track is composed and arranged by Han Sang Won.This is the first song that is written by maknae Hayoung. This song has a more youthful feel compared to the previous songs, reflecting Hayoung’s youthful and vibrant personality! This song again turns the beat and mood up and flows perfectly with the rundown of the album!

I DO is a track written composed and arranged by Nikel and Wiidope. This song is a nice active dance song that again brings us to a high in this album! It is a song that reminds you about the core of APink. Cuteness, innocence and youthfulness. The reason why pandas said I Do when you ask them if they like A Pink!  

Fasinating is a song  written composed and arranged by Noneuneolini and Zig Zag Notes. Finally we get to hear a really smooth ballad, a signature of every APink release! It matches the mood of the start and the ends of the first and title track, Remember. It fits in perfectly with songs such as Wishlist, Love Story and Secret, showing us the cute and innocent vocals of APink and how much they have grown. Most say ballads are the most direct way to open your heart to someone, and I believe that each ballad they sing brings Pandas such as myself close to them in an emotional level. This is also a great end to the album before their 4th Anniversary song Promise U, wrapping up the emotions that they gathered since the start of the album.

Last but not least, the 10th track of the album “Promise U” is a track composed and produced by Apink‘s main vocalist Jung Eunji to celebrate the group’s 4th anniversary! The rose piano, groovy drum and base altogether creates a dreamlike sound which Apink has not produced so far. The lyrics really matched the soft melody perfectly, and was able to show Apink‘s unique joyfulness and loveliness as well as the love between Apink and Pink Pandas, making us Remember APink forever and on ! 

Pink Memory is an album that is able to bring you through an emotional journey, and for those who share the precious ‘Pink Memories’ of APink, since they made their debut or even before will have even more emotional feel trips while listening to their new songs that resembles their old hits so much. In Remember they asked us if we ‘remember the sun that shone on us’, I can only answer it with ‘Yes, because APink is the Sun that brought us light!’. They also said that ‘In those memories, time has stopped for us.’, I can Promise U that this album will definitely stop time for us, forget your stress, pains and troubles and let APink make you Remember the memories you shared and will make with them on the way.

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