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Infinite wins July 25th’s Music Bank!

Music Bank is back with it’s weekly show!

Infinite grabbed the#1 trophy for their song “Bad” on the July 24th episode of “Music Bank”!

For today’s episode, G-Friend came back with “Me Gustas Tu”, Nine Muses changes their outfit for “Hurt Locker” as they enter their 4th week of promotion, Z.Hera came back with “XOX”, SONAMOO made their comeback with “Cushion” and last but not least NC.A returned with Vanilla Shake! On the other hand MAMAMOO and Girl’s Day said goodbye to the audiences with Um Oh Ah Yeh and Ring My Bell respectively!

The nominees for today’s episode were Girls’ Generation and Infinite however it was Infinite who grabbed the first place trophy with their latest track “Bad” Congratulations!

Other performers of the night were A Pink, Hara, GOT7, BTOB, MONSTA X, NS Yoon-G, N*White, DickPunksMaman, Lee Joo Sun, and Jo Jung Min. 


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