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Beast is back saying ‘YeY’ in their new Music Video!

Hello all B2uties ! B2st (Beast) is back with ‘YeY’, a electronic dance song they is bound to get you up on your toes screaming ‘YeY’!

In the Music Video, the B2st (Beast) members are seen to be enjoying themselves in a club! However, the song does carry along a really nice message telling people to not dwell on sadness due to love, but enjoy what is happening around you Now! (Enjoy NowKPop, sorry for the bad pun :P) !


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.52.09 PM
(YoSeob’s hair! Wow, just wow!

They have also released an album titles ‘Ordinary’ ! However, their performance is not just ordinary but spectacular, topping multiple digital charts once their song is out!

Without further ado, lets enjoy ‘YeY’!

If you listened to the full album, which is your favorite song and why? Please leave it in the comments sections below! 🙂

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