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CLC under fire after having allegedly rude actions to BTOB

Cube Entertainment’s girl group CLC are under fire for having alleged rude behavior towards senior group, BTOB. On CubeTV, BTOB made an appearance on CLC’s segment ‘CLC Queen’s Game’, the two groups interacted through activities and BTOB taught CLC about variety shows.

However throughout the program, netizens critiqued CLC member Yeeun for having alleged rude behavior towards her sunbaes. BTOB are older than all of the CLC girls and they have 3 more years of experience than CLC and that those rude actions shouldn’t be tolerated. The post on Pann immediately gained attention and was originally titled ‘CLC’s Yeeun Pushing The Water Bottle Towards BTOB’s Chanseob’. Here is a direct translation of the post:

“There is a program called ‘CLC Queen Queen’s Game’ and on this incident happened during the second episode when BTOB appeared to teach the CLC members about variety shows”, “BTOB asked CLC members to show their individual talents, Jang Ye Eun claimed that she always did aegyo for her talent. But because BTOB members were there to teach them about variety programs, BTOB Changseob told her to make people laugh with the water bottle next to her. But Yeeun screams ‘no I don’t want to!'”

“Confused by her unexpected reaction, Changseob gets shocked. But after saying that she doesn’t want to, the 98′ born Ye Eun slides the water to Changseob who is 7 years older. Then, she stubbornly finishes her individual talents with her aegyo”

Netizens have commented on CLC’s actions towards senior group BTOB, saying that ‘BTOB was only trying to help CLC since they are rookies, but for someone who is 7 years younger to push a water bottle at a senior is not tolerable’

However, since the mood of the shoot was rather playful and BTOB’s Chanseob didnt have a negative reaction to Ye Eun’s act, is it necessary for people to judge them? BTOB also applauded to her aegyo in the end!  Does Ye Eun really deserve such hard treatments from netizens?

See the short snippet version with subs here:

See the full video here:


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  2. She’s not being ‘rude’, she’s being ‘playful’. Everyone does.

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