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Red Velvet are back with ‘Dumb Dumb’!

Red Velvet are back from their hit single ‘Ice Cream Cake’ with a brand new track ‘Dumb Dumb’!

‘Dumb Dumb’ has an entirely different concept to ‘Ice Cream Cake’, in ‘Dumb Dumb’ the colour scheme is mainly bright and vibrant colours and the girls don natural brown and black hair whereas in ‘Ice Cream Cake’ the colour scheme focuses on pale pastel colours and the girls rock a vibrant blonde or ashy brown hair. In ‘Dumb Dumb’ the members of Red Velvet go for a more mature look wearing sporty styled clothing, whereas for ‘Ice Cream Cake’ the girls went for a girly and innocent look with giant sweaters and pleated skirts.

In ‘Dumb Dumb’, the girls are also seen as dolls working in a factory, sporting adorable full skirts with knee high socks, black flats and as for their hair, they either sported Pippi Longstocking inspired braids or wavy perms. The song itself has a brass backing track that is repeated throughout the track, giving it a distinct sound which pairs well with the incredible vocals of the Red Velvet girls!

Check out the brand new track here!

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