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Anti fans messes with #Eunhyuk on Instagram, E.L.Fs defend!


Recently on instagram anti fans were messing around with #Eunhyuk, posting inappropriate photos, ruining the feed.

With a doubt, sweet E.L.F helped their favorite idol, posting photos of the idol as well as Super Junior related photos with the #Eunhyuk, while demanding anti fans to stop ruining the feed and messing around with the hashtag! 

With their great effort and contribution, the feed  is finally full of Super Junior and Eunhyuk photos like before. We sincerely hope that no inappropriate photos will be posted with the #Eunhyuk, and that all the inappropriate photos posted will be deleted from instagram!

.In other news: These phrases will really make all Eunhae Shippers shed tears!

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be making their awaited return with their 10th anniversary special album Part.2 Magic, on September 16th, stay tuned for more updates!

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