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Girls’ Generation wins September 11th’s Music Bank!


Music Bank is back with an hour of great show from your favorite artists!

This episode was a show full with rookies! First having MONSTA X rushing for their comeback comeback track Rush, SEVENTEEN goes cheering  Mansae, UP10TION saying So Dangerous, and Red Velvet returning with Dumb Dumb. On the other hand seniors made their comeback as well, with Shinhwa’s Junjin finally made his long awaited solo return with Wow Wow Wow and 2PM’s Junho, making his solo debut in Korea with Fire!

The nominees for today’s episode were Girls’ Generation and SG WANNABE, however it was Girls’ Generation who grabbed the first place trophy with their latest track “Lion Heart” Congratulations! 

In other news: Girls’ Generation wins September 10th’s M! Countdown!

Other performers of the night were: 2EYES, HyunA, April, Nop.K, DinDin, SONAMOO, Purfles, The Legends, Ham Hyun Joo, Big Star and BEAT WIN!


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