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Haters continues messing around with #Eunhyuk on Instagram, E.L.Fs defend!


Unfortunately haters return again on instagram, messing around with #Eunhyuk once again, posting inappropriate photos!

Although E.L.Fs tried their very best posting photos of Eunhyuk as well as Super Junior related photos with the #Eunhyuk; things still did not work out. Haters continued, posting inappropriate and fleshy photos, not only ruining the feed but offending the rules of the social network site as well.

Every hashtag symbolises and represents a thing or a person, if the photo does not represents the hashtag why bother using it? It affects the feed as well as people who like the particular thing or person. You will not be happy if somebody is using your hashtag to post irrelevant, fleshy and inappropriate stuff.

Everybody has feelings. How would you feel when somebody posted irrelevant and disgusting fleshy photos with your hashtag. Without a doubt you will feel uncomfortable, without a doubt you will question yourself asking why did they post such things. If you do not think before you post, not only will you offend the rules on social network portals, you will find yourself guilty as you offend fans of the object/person, the object/person who is related to the hashtag itself. We sincerely hope that all inappropriate photos posted with the #Eunhyuk will be deleted, and that haters will learn a definite lesson from this issue. Fighting E.L.F!

.In other news: These phrases will really make all Eunhae Shippers shed tears!

On the bright side Super Junior will be making their awaited return with their 10th anniversary special album Part.2 Magic tomorrow, remember to check out the music video on 12:00 pm (KST) tomorrow!

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