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[Album Review] Super Junior – ‘Magic’



1. Magic {Title Track}

2. Devil {Title Track}

3. Simply Beautiful (Yesung, Kangin, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun)

4. 놈, 놈, 놈 [You Got It] (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Eunhyuk. Donghae)

5. 도로시 [Dorothy] (Super Junior K.R.Y)

6. Sarang♥ (Leeteuk Heechul)

7. 별이 뜬다 [Star Appear…]

8. Good love

9. We Can (Super Junior K.R.Y)

10. Don’t Wake Me Up (Super Junior D&E)

11. 첫눈에 반했습니다 [Love At First Sight] (Super Junior-T)

12. 每天 [Everyday] (Super Junior-M)

13. Rock’n Shine!


Super Junior is finally back with their special album Part.2  “Magic”. As expected, the album wasn’t an ordinary comeback album. But an album commemorating 10 years of successful releases, their long lasting friendship, as well as the love between E.L.Fs and the group! Therefore the songs in the album are definitely the best of the best! 

01) Magic
Composed & Arranged by Purple J / G-High / Thomas Sardorf
Lyrics by Cho Young Yeong

The special album part.2  composes of fourteen tracks, first being the follow up title track “Magic”. Magic is dance pop track composed by Purple J, G-High and Thomas Sardorf; while the lyrics for the track is written by Cho Young Yeong. Magic is a catchy funky dance pop track which reminiscence you vintage music back from the 70s. With the distinctive vocals and the harmonised track, the Super Junior members were able to depict the mature lyrics about their love towards the sexy girl!

02) Devil
Composed & Arranged by Kenzie / Stereotypes / Micah Powell
Lyrics by Kenzie

Devil is dance pop track composed by Kenzie, Stereotypes and Micah Powell; while the lyrics for the track is written by Kenzie. Devil itself is a catchy dance pop track which has a trendy melody, showing the boys’ playful and groovy charms! The song talks about a man’s confession to the devil whom he likes and desire to have! The man then expresses how the devil is hot, how the devil is pretty, and how he wants to get the devil and get a taste of her! 

03) Simply Beautiful

Composed by Hyuk Shin / DK / Marco Reyes (aka Mrey) / Jarah Gibson / Jeffrey Patrick Lewis (aka Jeffrey Lewis)
Lyrics by Jo Yung Yeong

The next song of the album is a medium tempo song composed by Hyuk Shin, DK, Mrey, Jarah Gibson and Jeffrey Lewis; while the lyrics for the track is written by Jo Yung Yeong. An addictive melody and percussive rhythm slowly builds up and develops throughout the song. Along with the track, the lyrics adds on to the song and eventually shows the combination of simple but beautiful love.

04) You Got It

Composed & Arranged by Stereotypes / Three
Lyrics by Leeteuk, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Team One Sound

You Got It is an upbeat song composed by the Stereotypes and Three. Along with the groovy song the funky lyrics and their strong voices complements the bold, catchy tune. Members Leeteuk, Heechul and Eunhyuk contributed to the amazing track with their exceptionally cool song writing style, making the song much more catchier. This song is perfect for a party, since it is very bold and exciting. 

05) Dorothy

Sung by: Super Junior K.R.Y
Composed by: Lee Sang Jun
Arranged by Cha Gil Wan
Lyrics by Kim Jin Ah

With an amazing response from fans during Super Junior K.R.Y’s and Super Junior Super Show 6, Dorothy is finally included in one of the Super Junior albums! With inspirations from the famous book Wizard of Oz, Kim Jin Ah, the song writer captures the journey of Dorothy and put it into the hear breaking ballad track. This ballad track uses many metaphors and similes to depict the depress and sad feeling of breaking up; and with the beautiful voices from the three main vocalists this heart breaking song will definitely make your eyes teary!

06) Sarang♥

Sung by: Leeteuk, Heechul
Composed by: Leeteuk, Team One Sound
Arranged by Team One Sound
Lyrics by Heechul, Team One Sound

The 83 line finally gets a duet after 10 years since debut. With their mature and sweet voices, Heeteuk exudes a couple’s love for each other in the lovely, sweet and beautiful track. The tune compliments Leeteuk’s soft voice as well as Heechul’s low rap. With their lovely vocals they were able to express the extremely meaningful lyrics, showing their everlasting love to make a girl head over heels in love.

07) Star Appear…

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by Epitone Project

As mentioned before, Super Junior has collaborated with many top musicians for their special album, and one of the top musicians that they collaborated with was Epitone Project. For the third track of the special album, Epitone Project lent their exceptionally talented lyrics writing, composing and arranging skills. The song looks over the past 10 years of Super Junior, where they worked in harmony with many many people, the ones who were with them when they were down, and the ones who supported them throughout the years!

08) Good Love

Composed & Arranged by Kenzie / Stereotypes / Micah Powell
Lyrics by Kenzie

Their forth track Good Love is again composed by Kenzie, Stereotypes and Micah Powell and written by Kenzie. The song is a medium tempo pop dance track with a trendy ear-catching melody, again showing the boys fun charms. Although it’s a new musical style that they’ve never tried before, however Super Junior was able to adapt quickly and was able to give us a image of the unique moments that the happy lovers were having in the song!

09) We Can


Composed & Arranged by Lee Seung Hwan / Hwang Seong Je
Lyrics by Lee Seung Hwan

Legendary singer-songwriter and producer Lee Seung Hwan provides his exceptionally talented song writing skills for the track “We Can” to Super Junior’s ballad sub unit Super Junior K.R.Y. The song is an emotional rock ballad track which portrays the 10-year+ friendship and the future hopes that the group has! Again like other Super Junior K.R.Y songs, it shows the strong vocals of the 3 members!

10) Don’t Wake Me Up


Composed & Lyrics by Donghae / Team One Sound
Arranged by Team One Sound

Super Junior’s D&E came up with a mid tempo track based on British Pop rock! Although the song is a similar style with their previous title track “Growing Pains” however this time they gave out another feeling, a more happy feeling! The lyrics shows the desires in your heart, where you wake up in happiness and love! The track’s harmony develops throughly, and really matches the emotional bit of the song!

11) Love At First Sight


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by Kang Jun Woo of Rose Motel

Kang Jun Woo from Rose Motel, an Indie rock band, also provided their talented skills for a track in the special album! The group contributed to the acid pop track “Fell For You At First Sight” especially to the trot sub unit Super Junior-T. While being playful and showing Super Junior-T‘s comic charms, it is able to show the story of two lovers who met and fell in love together!

12) Forever with You


Composed & Arranged by Andreas Oberg / Martin K / lLANG

Lyrics by Zhou Mi

The Mandarin unit of Super Junior, Super Junior M was given a vintage track! The lyrics shows the members’ thanks and love towards their fans, who has stayed with them for the past 10 years. The song continues on by saying how everyday is precious, and how fans are important. Last but not least the song ends with the belief of the members!

13) Rock`n Shine

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by Kim Yu Na (Jaurim)

Kim Yu Na of popular modern rock band Jaurim, contributed to the song Rock’n Shine! The track is a mixture of blues and hard rock track, it gives out a positive message by showing how the members of Super Junior went through all their hard times with a courage. With courage the boys’ were able to continue on and eventually became on of the top stars in the world, and was given the name of the King of Hallyu!

14) Alright

Composed by Donghae / Team One Sound
Lyrics by Donghae / Eunhyuk / Team One Sound
Arranged by Team One Sound

Member Donghae and Team One Sound, again joint together and came out with an amazing song named Alright. I would say this is one of the best songs in the album. Why? This is because this medium tempo songs shows the love and friendship in the 10+ years of Super Junior as well as containing a confession to fans. This medium tempo track, also contains a bit of jazz music which matches the song and the lyrics really well! The most important aspect of the song is no other than Eunhyuk’s Rap lyrics, with his amazing and talented skills on rapping he managed to create a rap with all the member’s names. Therefore with the amazing medium tempo track and creative lyrics, you must check out this song from the album!

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