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Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 is finally out!

The long awaited sequel to popular female rap survival show Unpretty Rapstar is finally back with Volume 2 with a whole new cast!

The new 11 rappers include Heize, Ash-B, GilMe, Kasper, Trudy, famous underground female rapper KittiB and YG trainee Moon Sua at the international age of 16; there are also a handful of familiar faces in the Volume 2 cast including Wonder Girls’ Yubin, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Fiestar’s Yuzi and past contestant of Show Me the Money 4’s An Soo Min!

Within the first episode, we can already tell the rapping styles of the talented girls! For example, Ash-B’s lyrics tend to be a bit more on the crude side but not being entirely unacceptable and Trudy is known for having an old school style paired with her husky voice. The first track mission presented to the girls was the famous one take cypher introduction, which led the ladies to each show off their individual skills, however some may not have been at their best performance; Gilme required a few retakes because of her low stamina and Hyorin resorted to lip-syncing because of her strained voice.

When it came to the votings, Trudy won with just one more vote than Heize; both being talented rappers who show very different styles from one another. But when it came to voting for the worst contestant, all contestants voted for Hyorin including herself too, but because it’s stated in the rules that you are not allowed to vote for yourself her vote became nullified which also lead her to not being able to take part in the second track mission.

With Trudy being the best contestant, she has the advantage to also exclude another rapper from the second track mission. Who do you think she’ll pick? Tune in next week for the second episode of Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2!

Check out the one take cypher track here!

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