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Rapper Trudy is the winner of the 3rd track on Unpretty Rapstar!

The second episode of Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 is finally out!
Last week we got left on the cliffhanger of who rapper Trudy was going to pick to exclude from the 2nd and 3rd track mission. All the competitors including Heize assumed that it would be Heize because she was in 2nd place but to everyone’s shock, Trudy picked the youngest competitor in the competition, Moon Sua.

For the 2nd and 3rd track on the compilation album, rapper Verbal Jint will be the producer alongside with last season’s competitors Jessi and Cheetah. The rappers would have to choose which track they would like to compete for and their battle would be in front of an audience of 2000 people, which created nerves for some people but not for Wonder Girls’ Yubin as she has had plenty of experience in being in front of a stage. Both Jessi and Cheetah were watching all the rappers as they were in their rehearsals as they had to eliminate one member from their team just before performing to the audience.

In the end, Yezi was eliminated from Jessi’s team and Ash-B was eliminated from Cheetah’s team. For the 2nd track which is the track that has rapper Jessi, the track ‘Me,Myself & I’ has a catchy hook and has an upbeat backing beat which catches the attention of the listener. For the 3rd track which is the track that has rapper Cheetah, the track ‘What If’ has a smoother feel to it and allows for a storytelling style of rapping.

The audience members were to vote for their favourite female rapper from each track and in the end two female rappers from either team would be chosen to battle it out for winning the track, based on audience votes and producer Verbal Jint’s preference.
In the end Jessi’s team consisted of Heize and Yubin and Cheetah’s team consisted of Trudy and Gilme. Whilst battling for the 3rd track ‘What If’, rapper Gilme made multiple lyrical mistakes but after finishing Cheetah’s track she bravely asked the producers if she could have a chance to try and rap to Jessi’s track, which caught the attentions of the other female rappers in particular Heize and Hyorin.

Finally, Trudy was the one who won the 3rd track as both Cheetah and Verbal Jint thought that Trudy’s unique voice would be perfect for the slower and smoother track.

Check out the 3rd track on the Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 compilation album here!

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