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Taeyeon wins October 16th’s Music Bank!


Music Bank is back with an hour of great show from your favorite artists!

For today’s episode, Kyuhyun shattered A Million Pieces for his comeback, BTOB is back with I Mean, Ali made her awaited return with her bran new ballad White Hole, and last but not least Yoo Seung Eun clears the stage with Nothing!

The nominees for today’s episode were Taeyeon and Im Chang Jeong, however it was Taeyeon who grabbed the first place trophy with her latest track “I” Congratulations!

Other performers of the night were: Apink (Remember), Teen Top (Ah-Ah, Rocking), Girl’s Day (Ring My Bell), EXID (Ah Yeah), GOT7 (If You Do), MONSTA X (Rush), UP10TION (So, Dangerous) Homme (No More Cry), Ailee (Mind Your Own Business), Lovelyz (Ah-Choo), Oh My Girl (Closer), Melody Day (Speed Up).

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