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Fan has netizens raging over her rude behaviour at Seventeen fansign!

At a recent fansign event, a fan displayed rude behaviour towards the members of Seventeen, causing an uproar in netizens and loyal fans.

The girl in the pink coat right in front of Joshua is seen chucking albums at the members before employees came over to see what was causing the commotion. You can tell by the members expressions that they were confused and clueless as to handling the situation. Following up, she proceeds to storm off of the event, showing rude and the polar opposite of fan-behaviour.

The viral video has caused anger from fans of Seventeen far and wide as they bash her with comments such as:

‘That was so disrespectful, how do you call yourself a fan?’ 

‘If I was her, I’d be so happy that I got to meet them’

‘A true fan wouldn’t act like this, it’s disrespectful, rude and immature!’ 

Fans were also giving comments of sympathy towards the Seventeen members such as:

‘I wonder how the boys felt in that moment…’

‘My heart broke just watching her bad behaviour in front of the Seventeen members’

Since the incident, the girl who has a fanpage dedicated to member Joshua apologised online for her behaviour, admitting to having problems to control her emotions and regretting her actions.

Check out the incident here!


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