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Unpretty Rapstar and Show Me the Money collaborations!

The most recent episode of Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 has just come out and it’s the most exciting episode yet!

In the previous episode, the producers of the 6th and 7th tracks were released to the ladies of Unpretty Rapstar, with Dok2 being the 6th producer and The Quiett being the 7th producer for the female rap compilation album and through the 1V1 diss battles, it was Gilme who was the next contestant to be eliminated.

For the track missions for the 6th and 7th tracks, all ladies would be performing a famous track produced by the corresponding producers who they are fighting to receive to track from. From Dok2 it would be ‘HIPHOP’ and from The Quiett it would be ‘YGGR’. Contestants Hyorin, Trudy, Sua, Kasper and Yezi chose Dok2’s track and Heize, Yubin, KittiB and Jiyoon chose The Quiett’s track. Both performed incredibly in front of the live audience with 200 audience members, with certain people gaining attention for example Yezi performed flawlessly even though the heel of her shoe came off and she acted like there was nothing wrong, Hyorin amazed the audience as she proves that she can sing and rap and KittiB showed off swag when she rapped to her bit of YGGR when the beat dropped and she showed her presence well. In the end the audience had to vote for who they thought that the best female rapper did the best job in their own tracks, as well as the producers choosing their best pick as well and the two ladies would have to have a diss battle to determine who would win the track.

For track 6, Trudy and Yezi ended up taking top 2 and for track 7 it was Yubin and KittiB that took the top 2. In both diss battles, all ladies showed a new side to them that we had never seen before, for Yubin she always seemed to mess up towards getting closer to reaching the track but she pulled through and ended up winning the 7th track. Yezi also showed a new side to her, but perhaps not in the same way as Yubin. For the diss battle for the 6th track, Yezi ended up taunting Trudy and pushing her wrong buttons and may have caused a bit of anger for her, but she held back her emotions and Trudy was the rapper to take the 6th track.  For the 8th track, there was a sudden gain of two more members to the Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 cast, Kim from Rubber Soul and Starship trainee Exy. In their introduction cyphers, both ladies performed but they got different reactions from the existing rappers and San E, for Kim everyone wasn’t that interested as her rap sounded quite generic but for Exy everyone was surprised, especially KittiB as she said ‘the ones that look like good kids are actually the crazier ones’, referring to Exy’s innocent look but actually having powerful and strong rap skills. The 8th track’s producer was none other than YDG, causing excitement from all the ladies especially Yubin as she claimed that he was her type.

For the 8th track’s mission, the ladies of Unpretty Rapstar would have to compete against the men of Show Me The Money 4 to show their power between the genders. Familiar faces such as Microdot and New Champ appeared as the male cast of SMTM to battle against the ladies but there was a twist; any female competitor that got less than 22 votes by the audience would be eligible for elimination and there can be up to 3 permanent eliminations. During the rehearsals, the ladies were shocked to see that all the male rappers were a lot more intimidating and had more stage presence than a female rapper, and as for the males most of them thought that some rappers didn’t leave that good of an impression however they were shocked and intrigued at others, such as Yezi with her ‘crazy’ feel showing the ‘bad girl’ image, Trudy and how unique and free her rapping style was and Hyorin as none of them expected her to be that good  at rapping. When it came to the real performances, Hyorin shocked all of the rappers as she managed to lift the vibe of the audience and

The 6th and 7th track are now out and can be found on Youtube, be sure to listen to them both!

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