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G-Dragon and Taeyeon rumored to be in a relationship?

Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon and SNSD‘s leader Taeyeon are having rumors that these two are in a relationship together and ‘getting closer’, as a netizens said on one of his/her posts. Is this true?

On 28 October, a post on Pann brought into light the rumors after the original post which was posted on DC Gallery before.

The rumor was that the leader of the biggest boy band and the leader of the most popular girl group is dating secretly after they have been introduced by a mutual friend. This adds to the suspicion of netizens as Big Bang‘s G-Dragon has recently broken up with Korean-Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko. 

YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment have been quick to respond and to close up this rumor. YG said,’There’s nothing to make an official response to.’ SM said, ‘There’s no evidence. It’s like a novel. There’s no point in making it a topic of discussion. 

Meanwhile, G-Dragon recently broke up with former girlfriend Kiko and Taeyeon recently broke up with EXO‘s Baekhyun.

“Top girl group member A is in another relationship. She was always rumored to be romantically involved with colleagues in her industry. This time her boyfriend is said to be B from the biggest boy group. They are both veterans but their only interaction was polite greetings. However, after a recent introduction through a mutual friend, they rapidly became close. The biggest reason was B’s recent situation. He was exhausted from a pretty much public dating and break up. B found A similar to C (another female singer who was his first love) and A fell for B as she discovered he had many similarities with her. They both have such a large fan base that this news will probably cause more than a ripple but the two seem adamant in continuing their relationship”

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