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MAMAMOO hits 10 million views for Um Oh Ah Yeh!


Congratulations to MAMAOO as their music video for Um Oh Ah Yeh has finally reached the 10 million view mark!

MAMAMOO made their awaited return back in the summer with an exciting, funky R&B dance track Um Oh Ah Yeh! The dance song highlights the girls’ energetic and youthful energy, just in time for the summer. With the girls’ exceptionally talented vocals, dances and raps; Um Oh Ah Yeh marks MAMAMOO’s first music video to hit the 10 million view mark. Whilst the song itself breaks their digital sales records as well as their album sales records; making Um Oh Ah Yeh and Pink Funky their best selling single and album respectively. In addition the group also breaks into top 5 for all music shows in Korea, proving their popularity once again. 

Congratulations to MAMAMOO for hitting 10 million views for Um Oh Ah Yeh!

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