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10 Youngest Debuted Baby K-Pop Idols!

The average age of Korean idol groups is around 22 to 23 years old, but many idols have debuted way before that age and even before they are legal adults. Yet, they have continued to show us their high quality music and surprise us in many different ways. Let’s see which idols we have pointed out as the youngest once to debut.

1) IU

Debuted at the age of 15 with only 10 months of training signed under LEON Entertainment. She made her solo debut with the song ‘Lost Child 미아‘. Her debut MV now has over 2 million views on YouTube. Her soothing and husky voice drew the attention of many people, especially when she performed the three octave notes in her song ‘Good Day 좋은 날‘.

She is known to compose and write lyrics for her songs. and produce them at a very high standard. Now, at age 22, IU has over 30 music awards (excluding music shows) and is known as ‘Nations’ Little Sister‘.


2) BoA

BoA, who was first noticed aged 11 at an SM Talent Search while she was accompanying her brother for his audition, was scouted along with his brother by SM Talent scouts and offered her a contract and audition opportunity. She received 2 years of vocal, dancing, English, and Japanese training and debuted at age 13 (Wow…) under SM Entertainment with the song ‘ID; Peace B‘. The album entered in the Top 10 in South Korean music charts. Turning 29, it is now BoA‘s 15’s year in the music industry!

At age 16, BoA released her first Japanese album ‘Listen to My Heart‘ and soon became the first album produced by a Korean star which topped Japanese music charts at #1.


3) Miss A- Suzy

Known as ‘Nation’s First Love‘, Miss A‘s Bae Suzy debuted at the age of just 15. Her debut with the other three members of Miss A was under JYP Entertainment. Pre-debut, she was an online shopping model but was then noticed by JYP‘s talent scouts during her audition at Mnet‘s ‘Superstar K‘. Her outstanding vocal range, singing skills, and innocent appearance caught the attention of fans. Her amazing figure has earned her over 300 campaign requests.

At just age 21, Suzy is well-known throughout South Korea and around the world and has won over 20 movie awards. SUZY

4) G-Friend

The average age for the six-member rookie girl group is 17, making them the youngest active girl group. Two of the members debuted at the age of 16 and even the oldest member is only 19! The name ‘G-Friend‘ means ‘Girl-friend’; G-Friend is known for their innocent image. G-Friend debuted under Source Music Entertainment with the debut song, ‘Glass Bead‘. They have debuted for less than a year, and already they have been nominated for 5 awards.


5) TWICE- Chaeyoung & Tzuyu

JYP Entertainment newly debuted 9-member girl group TWICE‘s youngest members are both 16-year-olds; Korean member Chaeyoung and Taiwanese member Tzuyu. Tzuyu is the maknae of the group and Chaeyoung is the rapper. Tzuyu was scouted when she was seen in a dance performance video which was posted online and then contacted by JYP scouting staffs. She left school at 14 to travel to South Korea to train for 2 years until her first appearance on the survival show ‘Sixteen‘ by Mnet. Tzuyu is known for her beauty and Chaeyoung for her powerful rapping skills.

tzuyu + Chaeyoung

6) 2NE1- Minzy

Born in 1994, 2NE1’s Minzy debuted under YG Entertainment when she was only 15. The girl group is now one of the most popular girl groups in the K-Pop industry and has amazing reputation for their high quality music. 2NE1 debuted with the song ‘Fire‘ and is now known for their unique and hip-hop style. Their music has topped many charts at #1. Her powerful dancing and singing skills are recognized by fans from all over the world.

2ne1 minzy

7) SHINEE- Taemin

Taemin debuted with the 5-member boy band SHINEE under SM Entertainment in 2008. He trained for about 3 years, and even studying Chinese in Beijing when he finally debuted at the age of 15. He was the youngest member of the group but managed to slay slick moves in their debut MV ‘Replay‘. Fresh-faced and all, he was considered to be a ‘baby’ in the K-Pop industry.

Taemin came out with a cute image at first, doing aegyos and cute moves in front of the camera, but as we soon see his development, he has now grown into a charming young man.


8) 4minute- Sohyun

4minute‘s Sohyun first debuted as a member of the group ‘Orange‘ in 2005 when she was 12 but the 3-member girl group soon disbanded due to lack of popularity and cyber-bullying. Sohyun then debuted again with 4minute, at the age of 14 and in 9th grade, under CUBE Entertainment with their debut single ‘Hot Issue‘. At the age of 21, Sohyun is well ahead of her sunbaes and is known for her baby-face.

4minute Sohyun

9) Big Bang- Seungri

Pre-debut, Seungri was the leader of the dance group ‘Il Hwa’ which was formed in his hometown, Gwangju. His first appearance on screen was when he participated in Mnet‘s ‘Let’s Cokeplay: Mnet Battle Shinhwa‘ which was created in order to form a boy band which could possibly be the ‘second Shinhwa‘. Unfortunately, he was eliminated because of his singing skills but then noticed by a YG scouting staff for his dancing. He debuted in 2006 along with Big Bang under YG Entertainment.

Seungri released his own solo single ‘V.V.I.P‘ in 2011 and then another in 2013 ‘Let’s Talk About Love‘. Both albums managed to reach #1 on South Korean music charts. He also appeared in over 20 different TV reality shows, dramas, and on the bigger screen.

He was known as the ‘panda’ maknae of the group because of his large dark circles but as we can see, he is now a very charismatic and attractive young man and sitting high above other K-Pop artists at just the age of 24.


10) Wonder Girls- Sohee

Sohee became a JYP trainee at the age of just 12 after she auditioned for the company. She debuted 2 years with 4 other members to form Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment and was the maknae, aged 15. She didn’t renew her contract with JYP Entertainment in 2013 and as a result, she left the girl group but continued with solo activities.

She is both a successful model and actor who showed accomplishment outside Wonder Girls. She has posed for various fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle Girl, Cosmopolitan, Dazed, Ceci, Marie Claire, and many more. She was even chosen to be the endorsement model for one of Lancome‘s new cosmetic lines, Tommy Hilfiger’s Denim fashion brand, the famous makeup brand MAC, and for Reebok‘s freestyle shoes along with Big Bang‘s T.O.P. Sohee has participated in over 10 films, TV dramas, and music shows.


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  1. So 89.9% of the article is about Twice and Tzuyu and Chaeyoung? I already feel ashamed with the Kpop world always seeing Tzuyu as this “perfect princess” she’s rude and she’s informal, and you might say she’s just joking but in Korean and Asian culture it’s seen as rude and disrespectful. But I guess you don’t know that since your so caught up in Tzuyu the youngest Kpop idol in history. Well tops, she’s 17 not 16 stop saying she’s 16 when her and my sister are the same age it’s not like she’s 5. Overrated much? Get ready to have a whole new Kpop world with Tzuyu always stealing the show. It’s obviously the Tzuyu show, always ok at 12:00 am to 11:59pm stay tuned

    • ^ I see someone is jealous of Tzuyu ……well, keep being whiny butthurt hater because you know what? She’s becoming even more popular and there’s nothing you can do about it 😛

      • I think their comment might be fueled with a bit of jealousy but..her behaviors are seen as rude and inappropriate here, I’m native Korean and she’s definitely not a polite or respectful girl here, but hey she’s young. I understand it appeals to international audiences so I forgive it slightly..

  2. Where is my baby Sanha and Jinsol and Samuel (Punch) ?

  3. TAEMIN was 14 when he debuted.

  4. Ok, everybody is saying tzuyu is really young cause she’s 16/17 blah blah blah. SNSD’s Seohyun was also that age when she debuted but no fuss? SEVENTEEN’s Dino is also 16/17 but nobody is saying he’s so young here Let’s not forget Sanha from Astro who was born in 2000. Sameul from 1 punch? Please don’t treat Tzuyu and Chaeyoung with extra care and caution when criticizing; just be straight up like how people were to other idols that were around Tzuyu’s and Chaeyoung’s age. I’m not jealous, I’m just stating facts.

    I’m so excited for SEVENTEEN’s comeback and I’m dearly hoping they don’t get out shined by Twice. SEVENTEEN works so much harder and produces their own songs.

  5. they should’ve included BTS Jungkook he’s a talented maknae, who’s good at everything, but seriously some these idols isn’t that really impressive tho, unlike Kookie.

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