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iKON releases music video for ‘Anthem’ and ‘Apology’ !

IKON recently released their new music videos for ‘Apology’ and ‘Anthem’, both music videos are in monochrome tones which showed a sophisticated side to the IKON members, but both of the music videos have different concepts and feels to them!

In Apology, the members of IKON showcased their sophisticated vocals as well as their rapping which paired well with the piano in the background as well as the powerful chorus which tied the whole song together to be a beautiful and calming track. The video showed the members singing in a graveyard, to running away with their girlfriend and showing their acting by acting sad and crying on camera!

However with Anthem, IKON showcased their playful and cool side with a strong rap track by members Bobby and B.I! Both of the members showed plenty of swag whilst showing powerful rap lyrics with a strong bass and brass track and also a catchy hook in the beginning which is ‘IKON is coming to town’ and is definitely gonna be stuck in our heads!

Make sure to show your support and check out the two new music videos from IKON!

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