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[EXCLUSIVE] Best 8 Girl Group Debuts (2015)

(Order according to their debut dates)

1. GFriend – Glass Bead

GFriend splashed into the KPOP Industry back in January 2015 with their debut mini album Season Of Glass. The title track Glass Bead, is an upbeat dance-pop track which showcases the girls’ skillful dance and talented vocals; while expressing the innocent heart of a teenage girl. The song talks about how the girls might look fragile like a Glass Bead, however they will never break and will forever shine on their loved ones!

2. CLC – Pepe

CLC (Crystal Clear) broke into the KPOP industry in March 2015 with their debut mini album First Love. The title track Pepe is an addictive yet charming retro dance track, which depict the girls’ bubbly and innocent personality. The lyrics talks about a girl criticizing a boy for their insincere attitudes towards her.

3. The Ark – The Light

The Ark hops into the KPOP Industry in April 2015 with their single album Somebody 4 Life. The title track The Light is a contemporary R&B track combined with some hip-hop elements. The lyrics talks about how a strong and independent person can be the light of somebody and support them.

4. OH MY GIRL – Cupid

OH MY GIRL shot their arrows into the music industry back in April 2015, with the cutest title track ever CUPID! Since their debut the group have been receiving a lot of love for they charming voices as well as the innocent energy which the girls have! The title track CUPID shows off the groups innocence and charming voices, while expressing their desires to win a man’s heart!

5. Playback – Playback

Playback replays their title track over and over again with their debut back in June 2015. The title track Playback is a groovy R&B track which reminisce music from the 90s. The lyrics shows the girls’ cute and charming personality, while expressing a romantic story between young couples.

6. April – Dream Candy

April brings cuteness to the KPOP Industry in August 2015, with their debut mini album Dreaming. The title track Dream Candy is an up-tempo dance track which brings out the innocence of the young teenage girls. The lyrics expresses the girls’ wish to travel around the world and search for their dreams. Along with the innocent track, the cute sound effects and music video set adds on to the theme of traveling, and creates a fairy-tale vibe. 

7. DIA – Somehow

Shining like a diamond, DIA sparkles onto the stage in September 2015, with their debut full length album Do It Amazing. The title track Somehow is a dance-pop track with a rhythmical melody, which expresses a young girls’ emotions while gathering up courage in order to confess to her crush.


TWICE crashes into the music industry with their debut mini album The Story Begins in October 2015. Their debut title track Like OOH-AHH is a trendy “colour pop” track, having a mixture of the pop element as well as the hip-hop element. The mixture of genre makes Like OOH-AHH one of the freshest debut tracks amongst all the other ones. Just like the strong and bold title track, the lyrics shows off a woman’s overwhelming confidence.

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