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BTS release second set of photos for ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ Part 2!







BTS is back again with a second pictorial for 화양연화 Part 2! This time instead of having their photos located in an urban city area, the location for this time’s shoot is in large open fields and in the woods, giving a ethereal and mysterious feel to the photos.

The photos have a theme of them seeing like they are parts of fairytales, for example we see Suga dressed in a bright red jacket which could be a hint towards Little Red Riding Hood, Rap Monster sitting in front of a line of pebbles scattered along the floor of the woods which could be Hansel and Gretel and Jungkook watching a butterfly kite fly above him, making him seem tiny under it which would be Thumbelina!

Make sure to stay tuned for BTS’ comeback for 화양연화 Part 2 with the title track ‘ Je Ne Regrette Rien’ on the 30th of November!

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