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EXO face wardrobe malfunction in latest concert in Macau!

EXO recently had a leg of their concert EXO’LUSION in Macau in which they revealed more of what they wanted to to their beloved EXO-L’s!

EXO were in the middle of performing ‘Lucky’ in which the members change behind a screen whilst singing on stage in preparation for a change of the concert stage, however the curtain on the screen fell off revealing members Chen and Lay in the midst of changing, revealing their muscular bodies! Not only were they shocked, but the rest of EXO and the fans were gobsmacked too!

The other EXO members desperately scramble to fix the curtain but only end up ripping it more, luckily member Baekhyun came to the rescue by distracting the EXO-L’s with his cute dancing, hopefully drawing their attention away from the staff members fixing the screen.

Check out the incident in the EXO’LUSION concert here!

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