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f(x) hits 10 million views for 4 Walls!

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Congratulations to f(x) as their music video for 4 Walls has finally hit the 10 million views on Youtube! 

f(x) made their awaited return after a year and three months with their fourth full length album 4 Walls. Instead of going for the strong and bold concept like before, the group revamped and returned with their newest Electronica album. The title track 4 Walls is a smooth and stylish EDM track, which highlights the deep house genre. Along with the dreamlike track, the strong vocals of the f(x) members add on to the mysterious atmosphere of the dreamlike track, depicting the feeling of confusion inside a mysterious place.

Meanwhile f(x) is busy preparing for their first concert which will be held in January 2016, make sure cheer for them! Once more congratulations to f(x)!

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