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BTS release music video for ‘RUN’!

BTS has just released their music video for the title track of the 2nd part of their 4th mini album, ‘The Most Beautiful Time in Life pt 2’!

‘RUN’ is a fast paced track with smooth vocals from the BTS members, the music video is dynamic and eye-catching with scenes such as V falling into a large body of water in the intro and the BTS members having a party inside of their small apartment. The music video also features the BTS members showing off their best acting skills such as Jungkook and Suga having a fight scene, Rap Monster and V being arrested by the cops and as well as all the BTS members climbing on cars and defacing them in the tunnel.

‘RUN’ also features lots of references to ‘I NEED U’ as well as their prologue.  In ‘I NEED U’ there is a scene of Jimin in the bathtub and later he seems to be burning a photo in his hands, in ‘RUN’ whilst the members are having a part inside the bathroom , Jimin is pulled into a bathtub and near the end of ‘RUN’ he is seen burning a polaroid photo of all the members. In the prologue video we are left with V jumping into the ocean and in ‘RUN’ V is repeatedly seen inside a large body of water floating. There are also allusions of the songs which are featured on ‘The Most Beautiful Time in Life pt 2’, for example there is a scene in which Jin is making a house of cards and all the members are focused on him, ‘House of Cards’ is the name of the outro song. There is also another scene where after V knocks down all the cards, a hand is seen pulling out a card with the ace of spades with a large butterfly in the center, ‘Butterfly’ is also a track that is featured on the album.

Make sure to check out ‘RUN’!

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