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[HOT] 7 Banned Female KPop Dances by KBS (2015)

(Order according to release date)

1. Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle

What was banned: Shirt lifting 

2. Nine Muses – Drama

What was banned: Legs lifting 

3. Gain – Paradise Lost

What was banned: Floor Dance

4. FIESTAR – You’re Pitful

What was banned: Nothing was banned during the live stages, however the squatting part was too sexual. Therefore the entire part was removed, and the girls had to perform the cut version of the song throughout their entire promotion period.

5. Dal★Shabet – Joker

What was banned: All the dance moves on the floor

6. BESTie – Excuse Me

What was banned: Stockings were not pulled down

7. HyunA – Roll Deep

What was banned: The part where she splits her legs while having her back facing the audience

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