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PSY wins December 17th’s M! Countdown!


M! Countdown is back with their weekly music shows from your favourite artists!

On today’s episode, APRIL kisses their fans with Muah! B.A.P make their comeback stage with Young, Wild & Free, Roy Kim returned with The Great Dipper, Produce 101 held a special stage with Pick Me, Lovelyz sang For You, 9MUSES is LOST on a Sleepless Night, LABOUM is back with AALOW AALOW, LUSH asks Why Don’t You Lay Off, Road Boyz debuted with Show Me Bang Bang, MADTOWN is back on OMGT, Park Si Hwan is back with Monster, SNUPER debuted with Shall We Dance, M.A.P6 debuted with Storm, WANNA.B came back with My Type, The Legend Nailed their comeback stage, Tahiti Skips on the stage and last but not least K-Much said Tie My Hands!

The nominees for today’s episode were PSY and EXO, however it was PSY who took the #1 trophy with Daddy! Congratulations!

Other performers of the night were: ROMEO, SUKI and UP10TION!

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