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What made Sarang cry on her birthday?

Sarang recently celebrated her birthday on the newest episode of ‘The Return of Superman’. However, instead of happy laughter, Sarang bawled! Why though?

Sarang’s dad (Choo Sung Hoon) and grandfather dressed up as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse while Sarang’s mom (Shiho Yano) dressed up as Elsa from ‘Frozen’; they thought that Sarang would be so happy to see her favourite cartoon characters come alive and celebrate her birthday with her! At first, Sarang still laughed and jokingly said, “I know it’s you dad, take that off!” A few minutes later, she cried out loud, forcing the two older men to take off their costume and reveal their true selves. Elsa came to bring in the birthday cake but Sarang (smart) found out as well.

Later on, when Shiho Yano asked Sarang why she felt that Elsa was her mom, she said,

“Because the eyes of my mom.”

How sweet! The entire family celebrated her fifth birthday with a nice birthday meal with a birthday cake. Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration, Sarang!

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