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The many times f(x) Luna showed us her angelic voice

SM Entertainment is known for having celebrities with gifted musicality and heavenly voices which are very hard to find. One of their girl groups, f(x), has one member with a voice which is approved of many fans and experts as one of the most precious voices found in the k-pop industry. She is Luna, Park Sun Young! We’ll show you all the times she appeared on shows to prove to many more people her amazing voice!

1) Luna & Amber 2015 ‘Just a Love’- Sugarcane Ep. 6

Many experienced musicians appeared on the show and were awed at Luna‘s vocal range and good use of technique. Plus, many of them didn’t know Amber could sing that well too!

2) “I’ll Write You a Letter’- Final Round of “King of Masked Singer”

3) “Mom”– Second round on “King of Masked Singer”

The audience were so moved by Luna‘s sincerity in singing this song, and many of them shed tears. The song lyrics talk of all the times a mom sacrifices herself for her son/daughter and thanks her for all this. It also talks of the beauty of being a mother. Did you cry as well with the audience? We did!

4) Immortal Song 2

Luna even showed her acting skills here! Good job, Luna!

5) “One Moment in Time”– StarKing

Luna sang with Filipina singer Chalice Pempengco on StarKing. Everyone was shocked at how good Luna could sing! Look at Key’s face at 1:16!

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