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[HOT] Ryeowook thanks Super Junior, E.L.Fs and more!


Ryeowook, who was recently awarded with the Best Radio DJ Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards 2015, took the time on his personal Twitter account to thank his members, fans, families and all who supported him.

He stated ” Thank You^^ it is only possible because you listen and participate in Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio. Thank you to all our listeners~ our PD-nim and writers who work very hard. Super Junior members, Henry and Zhou Mi-hyung, thank you and I love you ♡ to my mom and dad who listen to my radio show every single day thank you. I love you 😃. I came to Hong Kong this morning and I am currently heading back to Korea after wrapping up the K.R.Y concert tour~ It is pretty unfamiliar, as my name was mentioned for the first time at the KBS Entertainment Awards, but I am very happy~ I will work even more harder. I will share this honour with the fixed guests! Thank You everybody^^ let’s go to sukira’s get-together dinner😉.”

Congratulations to Ryeowook once again, and make sure you cheer for him!

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