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[HOT] TWICE prepares the best birthday for Sana!


First things first Happy Birthday to our adorable Sana! 

Having been born in December 29, 1996, Sana will be turning 19 today! As it is Sana’s birthday, the TWICE members took some time and prepared the most creative Ice Cream Cake for her! Check it out above!

While you enjoy the beautiful view of the cake, make sure you read the congratulatory words from the TWICE members to Sana below! They said “Today is Sana’s birthday ♡♡♡ Because we prepared it in a rush, we bought two Ice creams, and instead of birthday candles we used fragrant candles as a replacement. kekekekekeke our Sana loved it ♡  Sorry, when we have more time for your next birthday we will prepare it ~~~~ better ㅠㅠ Next year! The year after! We will prepare your birthday well, until you reach 1 million years old. Let’s be together until then ~~~ ♡”

What a sweet group!

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