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[BREAKING] Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara will officially leave KARA after their contract ends on February 2!


Earlier today, music insiders has revealed that the KARA members will no longer renew their contracts with DSP Entertainment, and will officially depart from the company as soon as their contracts end on February 2, 2016.

According to media outlets, member Hara have been contacting Keyeast, SM C&C as well as JYP Entertainment for her new contract. These entertainment agencies all have in common for their artists’ successful overseas popularity. While the other two members Gyuri and Seungyeon is revealed to be concentrating on their career on being an actress, they are currently contacting other entertainment agencies for their contract. 

KARA made their debut back in 2007 as a four member group with their powerful debut track Break It. However in 2008 member Sunghee suddenly announced her departure from the group due to the failure of maintaining her grades; in addition members Hara and Jiyoung joined the group and return as a quintet with a cute concept. Over the years the group experienced career breakthroughs and international recognition for their amazing tracks and unique concepts; yet in early 2014 members Nicole and Jiyoung announced their departure from the group respectively in order to focus on their solo activities. In addition maknae Youngji was added to the group and again returned with a rather sexy yet powerful track Mamamia as a Quartet. Unfortunately after a year and a half it is revealed that the three veteran members of KARA will be ending their contract with DSP. What will happen to KARA? 

How are you taking the news?

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