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[HOT] EXID’s Hani writes emotional congratulatory words for Solji!


First things first Happy Birthday to Solji! 

Solji have been working hard in the past year with group activities, as well as her solo activities. Appearing in shows, proving Kpop fans her amazing vocal skills. As today is Solji’s birthday, EXID member Hani took some time and wrote an emotional congratulatory word, which will definitely make all of you burst into tears. Check it out below!

Hani stated, “Sincerely wish our Solji a Happy Birthday. Unnie, another year has passed really quickly. I remember Unnie was 24 when I first met you, time passed really quickly without knowing, and now I have even surpassed Unnie’s age back when we first met. As years pass, I start to realize that Unnie is really powerful. Unnie calmly defeated time and pain… it must have been a really hard time for you. But there is more that we have to face in the upcoming years. I will continue to be a dongsaeng that will share your responsibilities. I am very sorry and really thankful. Please continue and take care of a doengsaeng that is not good enough!”

What a loving relationship between the Dasoni members!

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