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[HOT] Kyuhyun confirms his solo comeback for 2016 in recent concert!


During January 8th’s Super Camp in Tokyo, the maknae of Super Junior, Kyuhyun has confirmed one of the best things ever!

When leader Leeteuk said that the Super Junior members will release individual albums this year, maknae Kyuhyun dragged Ryeowook with him a loudly shouted “Ryeowook and I!” From his confirmation of his solo album release, another solo album will be expected from Kyuhyun before he enlists! 

Kyuhyun, made his solo debut back in 2014 November with his first solo mini album At Gwanghwamun, the title track of the same name was a commercial success, receiving a total of 6 #1 trophies in various music shows in Korea, as well as achieving an all-kill on all digital portals in Korea only after a day of release. Following the success of his first mini album, Kyuhyun made his solo comeback in 2015 November with his second mini album Fall, Once Again. The title track A Million Pieces, is a track that aims to mix in aspects of modern pop music into a depressing ballad track. The essence of the pop-ballad track successfully captured many attention and brought the emotional lyrics to life with Kyuhyun’s sweet vocals. 

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  1. kyuhyun confirmed his solo comeback for 2016 does it means his 3rd solo album ???????????? –

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