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[Album Review] Ryeowook – ‘The Little Prince’

Ryeowook The Little Prince


1. Like A Star

2. 어린왕자 (The Little Prince) {Title}

3. 그대 (Hello)

4. 알 수도 있는 사람 (People you may know)

5. Foxy Girl (Feat. 딘딘)

6. 품 (POOM)

The eternal maknae of Super Junior, Ryeowook, has finally made his long-awaited solo debut with his first mini album The Little Prince! His debut mini-album consists of six tracks which highlights Ryeowook’s unique and angelic voice. Through his solo mini album, Ryeowook hopes to take on a sad, depressing concept which allows him to convey the theme of love. During his promotions, Ryeowook will once again address himself as a rookie singer, the title “rookie” will allow Ryeowook to sing humbly and sincerely for all the music listeners out there! 


01. Like A Star
Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by: 4beontaja

Even though deep yearning shines painfully, the moon shines coldly; the memories will always be in my heart, shining brightly Like A Star. Like A Star is a depressing ballad track which talks about a man, whose lover will always shine in his heart no matter how crestfallen he is. The piano serves as the instrumental of the track, and slowly unfolds the depressing lyrics, one by one…


02. 어린왕자 (The Little Prince) {Title}
Lyrics by: Ppalgangmeoliaen, Oh Ja Hyeon (CLEF CREW)
Composed by: Ppalgangmeoliaen (CLEF CREW), Shin Yun Soo (11:11)
Arranged by: Hwang Seong Jae (BJJMUSIC Hwang Gun Dan) 

The title track of Ryeowook’s debut mini album The Little Prince, is a ballad track that is inspired from Saint-Exupery’s classic novel of the same name. Ryeowook starts the ballad track off without any accompaniments, highlighting Ryeowook’s gentle yet sweet voice. The track then gradually builds up to its climax; this depicts the level of pain that a man is currently suffering due to love. The lyrics of the song is made up of conversations between the man and the protagonist of Saint-Exupery’s novel “The Little Prince”. 


03. 그대 (Hello)
Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by: G-high, GDLO

Hello, is a medium-tempo retro track, which tells the story of a man describing all the beautiful features he sees during a cute date with whom he loves. Along with the guitar and brass groove, Ryeowook’s bright vocal creates a sense of joy and happiness for the album; and at the same time generates a beautiful image of the date for the listeners.


04. 알 수도 있는 사람 (People you may know)
Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by: Park Chang Hyun

People you may know, is a soft ballad track which describe the feelings a recently-broke-up person who sees his ex on the SNS recommendations list. Throughout the song, the man tries to say goodbye to whom he loved, yet it is extremely difficult and painful for him. The piano once again served as the instrumental of the song, slowly fading towards the end; as if the man gradually leaves his relationship behind.


05. Foxy Girl (Feat. 딘딘)
Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by: Nuplay (에코브릿지, Isaac Han, Aaron Kim)

Unlike the other ballad tracks, Foxy Girl is a medium tempo dance pop track which has an addictive melody. Contrasting with the depressing ballad tracks, Foxy Girl is a track which describes a man’s affection towards a girl whom he dreamed of every single night. Rapper Dindin is featured in this track, building up the excitement for the song. 


06. 품 (POOM)
Lyrics by: Ryeowook, G-high, Asher Park
Composed by: G-high, Asher Park Song Si Yoon
Arranged by: G-high, Asher Park

POOM is a pop ballad track which is written for Ryeowook’s mother. Through the pop-ballad track Ryeowook wants to express that although he has changed throughout the years, however he knows that he is still a child in his mother’s eye. He also feels sorry that he is not as affectionate as he use to be. In addition, Ryeowook has contributed in the lyrics writing of the track, picturing every single word for his listeners. 

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