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[HOT] TWICE amazed fans with their MR Removed performance!

TWICE, who recently performed in Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, wows Onces with their mr removed (music recording removed) video of their debut track LIKE OOH-AHH! 

After the officials post live broadcast videos of artists, people tend to remove the music recording for it, to allow listeners to hear singer’s real vocal talents. Meanwhile make sure you check out TWICE’s mr removed performances above, as well as netizens’ comments below!

1) This video needs more views, This is a slap to all their bashers. They are talented indeed.
2) so good my girls
3) Really proud of my girls. They’ve improved so much from Sixteen to now. We can only go up from here.
4) perfect!!!
5) This is not rookie can do it !! Twice are so amazing
6) 👍👍👍

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