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V appears on ‘Flower Boy Bromance’ and says, ‘It’s my first time in 2.5 years…’

BTS’ V recently appeared on the reality show ‘Flower Boy Bromance’ with rapper Kim Min-Jae. The show was filmed in a special way so that the cameras would not bother the artist and their special interactions. This show features the two young artists spending time and relaxing together.

When Kim Min Jae asked V how long it has been since he went out with his friends to play, he replied, ‘It’s my first time in 2 and a half years.’ This shocked Kim Min-Jae. It was later explained that because of BTS’ busy schedule in both Korea and Japan, V was unable to meet up with his friends and have personal time.

V later said,

‘Recently, I’m only in 3 places; the studio, practice room, or the dorms.’

He also added that he only messages his friends now and doesn’t meet up with them. ‘Min-Jae recently texted me before I went on a music show and said, “Hi hyung, it’s been a long time!”‘

Hope V gets to have more relaxing time from now on!

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