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Produce 101 trainers are moved to tears by Kim So Hye

Episode 4 of Mnet‘s Girl Group survival program ‘Produce 101‘ was broadcasted on 12 February. Trainee Kim So-Hye from Redline seemed to be lacking in singing and dancing skills, because she is from an acting company. She was to participate in a group with 4 other girls performing Wonder Girls‘ debut song ‘Irony‘. On the first dance class, dance trainer Bae Yoon Jeong commented on Group 1’s performance by saying, “What is this? What are you all doing? Did you not practice?”

She also picked out one particular training, Kim So-Hye, and said to her, “So-Hye, do you want to be a singer?” She replied by saying a prompt yes. “Then you have to try harder and give more power to your moves.”

The trainee said in an individual interview,

“I feel like I’m a beginner trainee. It’s alright if I don’t get a compliment. I just want to hear, ‘So-hye, seems like you practiced a lot.'”

She practiced all night long and shocked the dance trainer and moved her to tears. The trainer said,

So-Hye ah, you practiced a lot, right? I didn’t expect from you seeing that you have never received any singing or dance training. Please give them a round of applause.”


Good job, So-Hye!

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